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The Second Continental Congress (Episode 8)

Badass Monologues

None. :( The only person who spoke for long enough was Wentworth, the Crown’s spy.

Badass Dialogue

Dickenson/Adams battle it out in congress

Washington and Moses should have this, but it comes out kind of forced and neither party seems nearly energetic enough to reach badass height

Awesome Moments

"Those aren’t coins, they’re buttons!"

Awkward Moments

Paul Wentworth’s Nose. Actually, his whole character. Is it he historical?

The resurgence of John Adams’s boobs

Wikipedia’s Summary

A British spy urges James and Henri to find out what’s going on in the closed sessions of the Second Continental Congress. Meanwhile, Sarah and Moses schmooze George Washington, a delegate to the Congress and the newly-chosen general of the Continental Army

Actual Summary

After Benjamin Franklin forces James to mind the delegate’s horses at the Second Continental Congress, James is gullible and falls for the tricks of a mean spy posing as a newspaper publisher. Henri, who is appointed as water boy for the Congress would get the inside scoop, if he were able to write. James lashes out at Henri, until they find out that the publisher is a spy. Then they trick the spy and sink his boat. Meanwhile, Moses, Sarah, and George Washington have one scene of awkward dialogues, and Moses fixes a carriage. George Washington is appointed General of the Continental Army, and Sarah… just sorta chills with the group.

Number of Times Henri Complains/Lusts After Food/Is Confused out of Number of Times He Talks: 11/17 

(Note: I just looked up who was playing Paul Revere with a Headcold… It was Sylvester Stallone. Yup. Rocky Balboa played Paul Revere. I love this show.) 

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